Tasmanian Watercolours

Joanne Mitchelson

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Artistic and Professional Development and Influences

2002 – I was fortunate to experience a wonderful trip to Europe, which I had dreamed of doing for 10 years!  I felt particularly inspired by the art museums, where I stood in awe before the works of the Great Masters.  The real thing, not just in a book!  I studied the colours and beautiful brushstrokes.  I visited The Louvre and Musee D’Orsay in Paris, ‘The Mauritshuis’ at Den Haag and ‘The Rijksmuseum’ in Amsterdam, Holland.  Feeling very far from home, a friendly sight I came upon in The Louvre, was a painting titled “Tasmanian Aborigines Dancing”, by John Glover!  I drew much inspiration from the paintings I saw, as many of these artists also worked in a highly figurative style.

2003 - In partnership with my father, I started the business “Tasmanian Watercolour Landscapes”.  This became possible because “The John Temple Gallery” has the first class equipment necessary to produce archival quality prints. I had wisely been making a collection of transparencies of all my paintings in preparation for the opportunity to introduce my work to a larger audience.

The printing process is a state of the art system, and the ink is expected to be light-fast for 100 years.  This is a very important factor.  I like to think people are purchasing a quality product that will be around for a very long time.  The prints are distributed at 8 galleries and information centres located around Tasmania.  They are available in 3 standard sizes, or any size to order, and are available framed, mounted (matted), or as a bare print.  Each print is hand signed and numbered by the artist.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

 2004 - I was invited to exhibit my work at The Launceston Country Club Casino with fellow artists Tony Smibert and Ingeborg Zotz.  The three of us live in the Westbury/Deloraine area, and we were proud to represent the Meander Valley together.  Our Exhibition Opening was very successful.  I had displayed 5 original paintings, and some large framed prints.  My style of painting is proving to be very popular with the public, and is held in high esteem by my respected peers.

In Conclusion

Why do I paint?  I love to create. Perhaps it is an attempt to reflect the ‘Master Artist’ and the beauty of the earth, and express my admiration and love for it.  Tasmania is an outstanding place, and I feel very privileged to live here.  I like to show others through my paintings, what a beautiful and diverse island it is.  I paint scenes of Tasmania almost exclusively, and I don’t believe I will ever run out of subject matter!  I find that my highly detailed paintings can portray something  which may be considered ordinary, as beautiful and precious.  I enjoy seeing the look of pleasure and wonder on people’s faces as they discover all the little details in my work, and to feel they could walk right into the paintings.  Ultimately, I like to see people enjoy looking into my paintings, and experience them as places for quiet reflection and inner calm; an escape or haven in a busy world.  Some time ago, I did a painting of Recherche bay, with rain-clouds over the distant mountains. The title I gave it was “Deep Peace of the Quiet Earth”.  I think this says it all. 

 My paintings essentially reflect this.


© 2013 Joanne Mitchelson